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SuperGeeks world class web design services can help your redefine your online business image by blending style and technology. We specialize in creating unique, high-end websites.

Web Design Focused on Achieving Your Business Goals

Like anything in business, making a decision often comes down to the return on investment. If your goal is to generate more revenue, get more customers, or increase profit margins, our approach to integrated marketing can get you there. We are not just all about web design, but we offer solutions to grow and enhance your businesses.

Simple Content Management Solutions

We believe our clients should always have access to easily changing most of the content on their website. The right dashboard can help give you and your staff control over content that needs to change on a regular basis. Manage everything from your Events, Blog, News , Photos and Videos easily without the need to know any coding.


If you need a hand, have a question or just don’t have the time to manage your site. We offer affordable support packages to fit any monthly need. Let us help you make those updates when there isn’t enough time in your day.

All Packages Include:

WordPress CMS

StudioPress WP Theme

“Responsive” All Devices

Non-Tech Editor Dashboard

Custom URL Address

Social Media Integration

“Sandbox” Dev. Site

Automatic Updates

Automatic Backups

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s WordPress CMS?

WordPress is the market-leading CMS (Content Management System). Some 2/3’s of all modern day website design packages are built on this platform. It’s easy to use for both technical and non-technical folks. And it’s wicked powerful and scaleable. That in turn makes it sustainable and feature-rich. Yes, you can edit it yourself. But perhaps even more important is that the most number of developers work in this platform so you can change or add consultants anytime ~ yes, you can fire us too in a heart beat if we screw up.

Why WordPress Over a Free Website Design Service?

If you’re serious about business, you’re well-advised to build a scalable site that will be able to handle a significant amount of traffic in the future. Do-it-yourself free website design services with cheap hosting are fine for starter or individual sites, but you’ll likely soon find that they’re too limiting to gain significant business and search traction.

What’s Does “Responsive” Website Design Mean?

Responsive website design are engineered with content that re-stacks and re-scales to fit any size screen from desktop to pad to smart phones. The trend in site visitation via small format devices is clear with a typical percent of small format viewing being 1/3 to 1/2 of viewings. This makes it extremely important to build responsive. Even more important, search engines like Google are now giving higher rankings to responsive websites so if you don’t embrace this trend, you’ll be losing search traction.

Can I have my Own Customer URL?

Yes. One of the huge benefits of going with a professional quality CMS service is that you can own your own URL (website address). That’s great from a branding standpoint. You should own your own identity and be able to protect intuitive channels to you business.

Can I Edit my Own Content?

Yes. With WordPress, you don’t have to be a techie or geek to be able to edit your own website design. Text, pictures, videos, menu structures, blog posts, portfolio posts, testimonials, and more are all within easy reach.

What’s included in Edit Training?

In an hour, we can run you through the entire WordPress edit dashboard. Training can be live in person or via screen share. With this training, you’ll be empowered update your own content anytime you wish. We’ll also train you on the basics of writing web content. Folks consume content differently on the Internet as do search engines, so we’ll give you a primer on how to communicate well in the new medium.

What’s a “Web Readability” Edit?

Writing for the Internet is a unique animal. Folks skim. they want it fast and efficient. They want it fun. Captivating. When writing for the Internet, you also have to know how to seed keywords to pull in the search engines. We’re uniquely good at this so include it with every website design and development project.

What Social Media Channels Can You Integrate?

All. And it’s easy. All it is is addressing links. The hard part is filling up those feeds. But social marketing is essential to any search optimization strategy and thus in turn, essential to your overall web marketing strategy. We’ll hookup as many channels as you can fill the pipe on.

What’s a “SandBox” Development Site?

A Sandbox is an un-published site where we can all play to create your website without the world seeing it until you’re ready. When we begin work on your website design, we’ll issue credentials for as many contributors as needed to get your content in and processed.

What are “Plugins”?

Plugins are extra features that can be added to your site. Common examples are Analytics, SEO, Social, Calendar, Testimonials, Forms and Pricing Tables. We include some of these as part of every website build but others are extra on a per-user basis as all users don’t need the same plugins.

What’s Maintenance & Hosting?

Your website files need to reside somewhere (on a “Hosting Server”) for viewers to access your files to be seen. Since files need to be transferred over the Internet to be read on a viewer’s computer, the issue of “bandwidth” (the speed with which information is transferred) is always a key measure to consider when selecting a listing environment. the discussion gets deeper from there with considerations also flowing to host server optimization to service the type of site you run and a myriad of other details and settings to consider. Bottom line, it’s all important and it all affects your sites’ performance and effect. To rank high, use premium wordpress hosting services.

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