StoryManager and SuperGeeks have merged web, SEO and web hosting ( services into a new, more powerful digital marketing agency. See our new team and services at digital Marketing Agency Favicon

Full-Service Digital Marketing

This new team is eminently positioned to offer advanced SEO & social media strategy, on-page optimization, off-site Rank & Defend campaigns, Pay-Per-click advertising and good old-fashioned website construction. Of course there’s more, like e-commerce, auto-casting, apps, etc… If you have a need, feel free to tap us as always.

Tim Caminos | RankHI Digital Marketing AgencyLead by SuperGeeks owner, Tim Caminos, this new agency promises the best of strategic digital communications. Tim’s background includes 6 years as communication and PR director at Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau where he modernized digital communications and the founder of Babble Poi, a boutique digital PR Agency. Tim is also 501C3 BizGym Foundation Treasurer and Board Member.

Steve Sue | RankHI Digital Marketing AgencyAlso lead by StoryManager founder Steve Sue, RankHI offers superior business insight and strategic thinking. Steve is a former story guy, conceptualist and high-sakes pitch guy who’s now best known as “Chief Lemon Head” at Lemonade Alley and Chairman of 501C3 BizGym Foundation. He’s also the author of the entrepreneur’s growth app, the Bizgenics® Genome Project, BizBuzz™ Lemonade Coffee and the coming project-based learning platform.

RankHI is also happy to feature the talents and nurturing computer-side manner of WordPress guru, John LeBlanc along with other key talents include Riz Rahman (App Development) Divine Tio (social), Alan Eyerly (copy), Matthew Welker (Big Data), Alex Delibas and Brian Grossbach (PPC).

Owned Publications & Partnerships

LeiHut Online e-Commerce Store of Hawaii Products | RankHI Digital Marketing Services HonoluluRankHI was in part created to service properties we own such as and, an online store of Hawaii products. LeiHut for example is an advanced e-commerce engine that allows for vendors to sell from a single product inventory across multiple e-commerce “satellite sites.” LeiHut is a robust technology and benefits by strategic digital marketing services like SEO and social media so it’s ideal that we have our own service assets available.

RankHI Communications

If you’re a current web or hosting customer of SuperGeeks, StoryManager or BitHut, starting this month, you’ll receive invoicing and other official communications from our RankHI Division at SaaS Ventures, LLC.

Best to you and yours in 2017!