Data Storage

Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery

Studies show that 70% of small businesses that experiencing a data loss shut down within 2 years. Businesses lose millions of dollars worth of data to disasters like water damage, fires, power outages, theft, equipment failure, and even simple operator mistakes.

The costs involved in re-entering lost sales and marketing data can be astronomical, and could be enough to close your doors for good. This is why the best backup is necessary.

Disasters, whether in the form of natural causes or man-made errors, could put your business to the ground if you don’t have an effective and functional backup strategy in place. Don’t risk losing your valuable data and years of hard-earned business reputation.

SuperGeeks focuses on these two types of Backup

Onsite Backup (Backup)

Automated Backup of servers and desktops is critical to ensuring your data is safe and available when needed. Local backups are typically stored on a local backup server or NAs device.

Offsite Backup (Disaster Recovery)

Backup of servers are sent to a secure cloud server and data can be restored in the event of a disaster.

Disaster strikes in many forms, and businesses that depend heavily on computer data are especially vulnerable. Remote backup solutions from SuperGeeks will help keep your data protected at a secure offsite location, and can be run automatically in the background of your Windows system. Don’t leave your company lacking the backup planning it needs to survive the worst.

Keep Your Data Safe


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