Data Recovery

Lost your data? Don’t worry. We can help. $350 flat fee. No data, no charge.

If you are here, chances are you have lost something very important—and you want it back. Data recovery is a delicate business, but two things are certain: the first recovery attempt is the best opportunity for success; and the recovery company you choose can greatly impact the outcome. No appointment necessary. Just bring the drive to one of our service centers and we will take care of the rest.

The Bottom Line

Is your data important to you? Don’t be a victim of low prices and false promises.

Lost data? Your next steps are critical!

To avoid permanent data loss, follow these important guidelines:

  • If your drive is making clicking, grinding or whirring sounds, shut down your computer immediately. These sounds could be the read/write heads hitting or scraping the platters. Severe or complete data loss could result.
  • Unplug the power to the computer before removing the hard drive and handle the drive carefully. Hard drives are extremely sensitive to static electricity and physical jarring or jolts.
  • If your data is critical, make sure you choose a reputable recovery firm that can properly recover data from physically damaged drives. Even the simplest recovery attempts on a physically damaged drive could render your data unrecoverable.

The first recovery attempt is always the best recovery attempt. At SuperGeeks, our experts use the safest methods available to insure your data is not lost from repeated recovery attempts.

When disaster strikes:

  • If possible, back up the data immediately
  • Do not use utility software if the drive makes scraping, tapping, clicking or humming sounds
  • Do not power up a device that has obvious physical damage or is making unusual sounds
  • Shut down the computer to avoid further damage to the drive and its data
  • Do not attempt recovery yourself on severely traumatized drives (i.e., turning the computer off and on, using over-the-counter diagnostic tools). This may cause further damage or permanent data loss
  • If you’ve lost critical data, our recovery service is your best and safest option
  • Never assume data is unrecoverable
  • SuperGeeks has successfully recovered data from hundreds of thousands of drives with extreme physical and logical damage

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