Meet Our Team

It's all about the people.

Tim Caminos

Chief Executive Geek
Tim is the owner of SuperGeeks Hawaii., an IT and technology company and the co-founder of RankHI, a Hawaii based digital marketing agency. With over 12 years of experience in business development, he helps clients break through the marketplace and establish long-lasting success.

Don Langman

Break-Fix Geek
Don is SuperGeek’s Headquarter Commander. He specializes in Data Recovery and virus removal as well as PC and Mac hardware repair. If your machine needs some TLC, Don is the right Geek for the job!

Nicole Elaine

Data Geek
Nicole is our ambassador of information. She analyzes, reports on and delivers actionable items for our clients based upon the digital metrics we pull for them. She is also responsible for delivering remarkable employee experiences for our SuperGeeks around the world.

Divine Tio

PR Geek
Divine is our go-to guru for Social, email marketing and promotional materials. Since joining SuperGeeks, Divine has focused on building strong client relationships and delivering exceptional solutions. She is responsible for our executive communications and public relations.

Chelsea Parado

Mobile Geek
Chelsea is our go-to SuperGeek on Maui. Need a virus zapped or a network issue resolved? Chelsea will solve it in a zip!


Networking Geek


Networking Geek
Whether your wifi is slow or your machines won’t sync. Gammon can get your network back up and running before you can say SuperGeeks! With over 20 years experience in IT technology and customer relations, this SuperGeek has just about seen it all.

Ben Medhurst

Networking Geek

Our Story

Founded in Honolulu in 1998
SuperGeeks was founded to help businesses harness the power of technology.

SuperGeeks specializes in Managed IT services, computer repair and home networking. We use the latest technologies that are both proven and practical. Our mission is to make the process easier for you.

From the beginning, we have focused solely on quality – not price. We discovered it was infinitely more rewarding to do excellent work and charge a fair price for it, rather than cut corners and try to be the cheapest.

This commitment to being the best continues to serve us well. With offices in Hawaii,  Texas,  Nevada and Bangladesh,  we are well-positioned to do what we do best: take great care of you and your company.


  • Technology is cool. But it isn’t easy to use.  We are here to help.
  • Treat every client as if he or she were your mom.  (We love our moms!)
  • Don’t do anything you don’t want to read about online or in print the next day; do the right thing.
  • Honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.
  • Stand by our work. Guarantee it. If the client’s not happy, then we are not happy.
  • Come hell or high water, give the client the right solution, even if it means introducing him or her to a competitor.We cannot always guarantee success, but we must always strive to be worthy of it.

    Give us a try. We are at your service.