awesome, awesome,awesome!!!!!!,,,apple wanted $800 to repair my new MacBook air. super geeks replaced my key board for $200. PLUS Don and Divine were really nice.. had my laptop back in six days. I will recommend these guys any and everybody..Great service,Great price.

Phillip L

The IT service is great. They get down to business an resolve your issues in a knowledgeable and timely manner. I recommend them with the highest marks possible.

Lawrence C

Ben from SuperGeeks did the trick! He was amazingly fast, knowledgeable, efficient, and polite. I highly recommend their service for any computer problems. Thank you Ben for your great service!

Clayton Y

Ben M serviced my wifi today for Hawaiian Telcom. He diagnosed my problem in a quick reasonable amount of time, was professional and courteous. I would highly recommend Supergeeks to anyone. Thank you Ben!

Alan L

If I were grading them on a 1 to 100 scale I’d give them more! They were on point and went the extra mile to help keep me accountable to finishing the project in the time line that I wanted it done in. Now the our new web site is up, we are getting more responses to our programs than we have had over the last 10 years.

Sally Y

Tim and his crew literally saved my wife’s company. My wife wanted to design a website for her business and because the clientele was mainly Japanese she felt that a Japanese web developer would create a site that appealed to Japanese tastes. Things started out well, but after five months we still did not have a completed site up and the Japanese company became difficult to deal with.
In swept Tim and his crew who delivered a completed site within two weeks and at a reasonable cost. Tim was flexible and provided a range of webdesign options that totally met the company’s needs.

Kevin T

I came in with my mac not working, random scary issue, don was so great and helped me totally pinpoint it in minutes. I am so grateful people like him exist. I called a few others today and they all sounded unsure (which means they were honest) whether they could fix my issue. I spoke with don on the phone and he seemed unphased and open minded . so I trusted the confident and professional vibe I got from super geeks. Thanks again Don!

Yumisdac M.

My girlfriend’s computer wifi wasn’t working. Went to all the other places and they didn’t know what was going on or was going to charge us an arm and a leg. I decided to take her to supergeeks. Walked in the guy greeted us and told him our issue. Mind you the computer was all in japanese. So he told us a few situations.
He was very informative and knew where everything was and what to do. With in 10 minutes he figured it out. I asked how much it would cost. It was free of charge because he was just looking it over. Total time was 15 mins in and out without appointment.

Brandon L

I inadvertently reset our router to default while trying to install a wi-fi range extender. Early the next morning, I looked at Yelp and emailed several firms. The owner of Super Geeks called, I explained the problem, he said they made house calls, gave me their rates and said a tech would call. Ben (their IT techie) called, made an appointment for the same day, arrived on time and fixed the problem. Ben was both very courteous and knowledgeable. He fixed everything and even tweaked a couple of other little things. We couldn’t have been happier with the service that Super Geeks provided especially Ben’s quick and efficient work. Thank you Super Geeks.

Lily T

Ben is a very SUPER GEEK! When all the other ‘geeks’ pointed to the network as the source of my internet connection problems. Super Ben figured it out and got me connected!! Kudos to a REAL super geek!

Allie Y

For being someone who works with photos and video on a computer daily, I made the classic rookie mistake of backing up everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) on one external hard drive. And when that hard drive experienced errors and was unable to be read by my computer, I freaked out for a moment, and then knew that there was only one business in Honolulu that could help me: SuperGeeks.
So I took my hard drive to SuperGeeks. They were friendly and helpful and put me at ease. It took a few weeks to recover my data, but considering how much I had stored on the hard drive and the relief I experienced when they were actually able to recover my data, it was no big deal. They recovered my data, they saved my neck, and I am forever grateful for their expertise and assistance.
Bottom line: there is no better place on Oahu to have your computer or computer peripherals serviced or repaired than SuperGeeks. Believe.

Russell S

Terrific experience. I communicated via live chat my problem which was that I could not understand something about downloading old files onto my new pc. They said to come by and possibly it is a quick check and a much reduced rate could be possible.
I went by and a friendly geek named Justin knew what to do and although his time was not heavily used (I waited for the downloading)… he would not take my gesture to compensate for interrupting his time.
That kind of good will have me going back at the first sign of needs with my computers. Bravo.!

Herb E

The staff was very helpful and understanding. Even held on to my stuff for over a month while I was out of town. On top of all that they gave me an unexpected military discount. The icing on the cake was that Divine was pretty hott and had a very cute voice to match her outstanding customer service. Super Geeks #1

Nathan S

Excellent customer service!! To top it off the work that needed to be done was faster then expected! Last but not least I didn’t realize they had a kapolei location, so I dropped my hard drive off at the Honolulu location. They had my drive ready for me to pick up in kapolei. Thank you guys will be returning to you for all of my electronic needs!

Celina E

Communication was excellent at all time , they negotiated a fare deal to repair to laptops one of which was an HP mini lap that was a nightmare . Both were fixed promptly !! and they didn’t make false promises to me , even said that if they couldnt get it to run they would give me a small refund back . Very honest , friendly , and trustworthy . I like the part at the end when they said ” If somethings wrong just bring it back ” . I definitely as a busy Honolulu Realtor recommend using them definitely !

Robert H

We were having trouble with Hawaiian Tel and their internet connection. Finally they agreed that SUPER GEEKS, an outside tech service, might help resolve the issue.
BEN (pleasant, kind and courteous) came out and communicated with us several times (much better than Hawaiian Tels coordination) before he came out to insure the best, convenient date for us. He called again to remind us and then just before he came. GREAT COMMUNICATION!
He was passionate about his work and solved the issue inspite of several problems that he encountered. We will definitely look towards SUPER GEEKS in King street for help down the road!

Anna F

When my 7-month-old Dell laptop (from Costco) freaked out, Supergeeks — especially Don — were crucial in saving the data from it and helping me get Dell to replace the defective hard drive. Daniel was also very helpful. When there were more issues after they re-loaded my data, they sorted it out per wtty. and didn’t try add any cheesy “garbage fees” onto my tab, as other vendors have tried before. This particular computer tested all our patience (frankly, I was about ready to recruit it for target practice), but Don and crew did me right, and I recommend them wholeheartedly!

Steve W


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